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Geekay - your development partner

- Safe and thorough implementation using SAP and Web technologies

Geekay is an implementation partner that offers skills within certain SAP areas:

  • SAPUI5 - Design and implementation
  • SAP HANA Cloud - implementation and management
  • SAP PI - implementation and management
  • SAP Enterprise Portal - implementation, management and development
As well as within web and mobile development:
  • HTML5, Javascript
  • Sencha Touch/Ext
  • Java, PHP
These are founded on skills within:
  • Linux administration
  • Network and firewall administration
  • SAP Basis
  • Amazon Web Services management

TouchShop - Your touchscreen Webshop in the Cloud

- Shortcut the creation of a touchscreen webshop presence in the cloud

phoneinhandTouchShop is designed with the ease of management in mind.

Are you looking for a simple webshop that is dedicated to smartphone and tablet users?

A webshop where intuitive use from a touchscreen is important?

Do you want freedom from maintenance of the server system running the webshop?

Is global access a high priority?

Then TouchShop is the right choice for you.

TouchShop is based on the latest standard technologies. This was chosen to make sure that solutions to threats and failures are always handled with maximum attention and the right amount of skill.

All webshops need management of product catalogue, customers, orders and payments.

Touchshop offers administration functionality through an app that you install on your phone or tablet device, thereby you can always follow up on your customers activities.

TouchShop will be available in Beta in primo 2015.

It will be available as a service, that you can sign up for.

Contact us for a preview here

Geekay IVS - your consulting partner

- Safe and thorough implementation using SAP and Web technologies

Geekay IVS offers consulting services on a per hour basis.

This is done in a professional manner, where all activities are logged as documentation for any work done.

Activities can be:

  • Design og new infrastructure, systems or programs
  • Programming
  • Documentation of existing undocumented systems
  • Process analysis and optimisation
  • Coaching of teams
  • Training
or anything else relevant in relation to our experience.

Please make contact with us to discuss you challenges here.

The Geekay TouchShop can be integrated with any backend, using XML webservice interfaces.

Geekay offers consulting services with external local partners to help with these requirements.

About Geekay IVS

picture of GustavGeekay is run by Gustav Sverre Kampp.

Gustav has more than 15 years of experience as a web developer, 10 of these using SAP products such as SAP Entersprise Portal, SAP E-Commerce and SAP PI in several different technical roles.

In the last 3 years Gustav's focus has been in developing Mobile apps and websites with highly Responsible UI's, using both jQuery, Extjs and SAPUI5 development kits, on top of developing JAVA backends for these solutions.

TouchShop will be available in April 2014.

It will be available as a service, that you can sign up for.

On the client side, Geekay TouchShop is available for all devices supported by the HTML5 standard, and offers a responsive web design to ensure a smooth and logical navigation in the webshop.

In order to be able to help new webshop owners, courses will be offered to owners as well as interested implmentation partners, to ensure that all Geekay TouchShop implementations will be successfull.

A list of course dates and places will be announced once the planning of these are complete.

Contact Geekay IVS

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Contact Geekay IVS

If you want access to our Touchshop demo environment or have other questions, then please fill out and submit the form below

Geekay IVS
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Phone: +45 6716293
Last updated: 20. March 2015